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LFI Laurentide is a Canadian company involved in the international Transport of all cargoes but we are specializing in the transport of Class 7 Radioactive material. LFI was founded in 1982 with it's office located in Montreal, Canada. LFI personnel as well as our international agents & partners are well trained and experienced to ensure proper Handling, Documentation, Notification, Timely and Safe deliveries of all Cargoes.

 LFI currently owns over 100 specialized flatrack containers. The majority of these are dedicated to the transport of UF6 Cylinders with the balance used for large medical sources, ie: C-60, Cs-137… Our Montreal Warehouse/Tml. is considered a secure location by the CNSC and this is where we do all of our handling, containerization and temporary storage of Class 7 cargoes. The Terminal employees are properly trained for the safe handling of Class 7 materials and this terminal also acts as our local transporter. We have a second carrier that we use for our long haul loads(ie: Oakland, Ca…) in which each truck is equipped with a GPS unit and the carrier also has they’re own In-House D.G. Specialist and a 24hr Emergency Phone#. Both carriers have the adequate Insurance requirements for transporting Class 7 materials.

LFI is celebrating 25 Years of Serving our Canadian and International Nuclear Industry Customers through Safe and Reliable Service.

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